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Understanding the Music Player

Music Player 2.0

We are proud of the upgrades we have made to our website. One of our primary goals in redesigning the website was to make substantial upgrades to the user interface of the music player. The music player has been simplified with an easy-to-use, clean and intuitive user interface (See Figure 1-1). 

Figure 1-1: Makawalu Music Player

Music Player_Support Plain.png
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Music Player 2.0

Let's review the changes we've made and understand the different parts of the new music player.

Features of the Music Player 2.0


With the changes, it can be difficult to understand what each feature is or what each button is supposed to do. Let's take a look at each feature:

Figure 1-2: Features of the Music Player

Music Player_Support.png

Let's take a look at each feature:

  1. Music Player 2.0

  2. Album Cover Art

  3. Music Player Controls

    • The Music Player 2.0 Controls allows you to play, pause or skip a song:

    • The play/pause button allows you to start playing a song as well as pause it during playback. 

    • The forward skip/back skip button allows you to skip to the next song or return to the previous song in that album.

  4. Artists​

    • This area displays the artist and any additional featured artist(s) in that song.​

  5. Song Title​

    • This area displays the title of the song that you selected.​

  6. Album Title

    • This area displays the title of the album that the song is featured on.​

  7. Progress Bar

    • The progress bar allows you to see how much has passed and how much time is remaining in any given song. You can drag the progress bar to fast-forward or rewind.​

  8. Share​

    • The share button allows you to post and share the song on your favorite social media website (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blogger).​

  9. Purchase​

    • Here you can purchase the entire album. ​

  10. Volume​

    • The volume controls allows you to adjust the volume of the song you are listening to or mute it completely.​

  11. Lyrics & Liner Notes​

    • Our most common request was to include the lyrics of popular songs. Here you can access the lyrics and liner notes of each song. ​

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