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Home - Physical CD
Pihana Productions, LLC.
Released: November 25, 2021

11 Tracks (38 mins Total Time)

  • Album Notes

    My na‘au overflows with gratitude for all I have been given in this life.  Mahalo Ke Akua for pouring into my life, for never leaving me and for being ever so close to me as I walk through the valleys.  There is no love like your love......agape.

    And Mahalo to YOU, the supporters and lovers of Hawaiian music and all music!  You are the reason I did this, the reason I keep creating.  I am so so grateful for your love, for your support, and for your passion for music.  This project is different but it is my heart.  I just realized through this that I was able to hide my hurt and my fears in the kauna of Hawaiian music.  I could sing about heartache but you may not really know because that heartache is being expressed by the Ka Malanai wind... but when writing in English, the pain is there, the love is there, the joy is there, front and center for you to hear and feel along with me. Mahalo for going on this journey with me. Here we go!

  • Album Credits

    Executive Producer: Nāpua Greig, Pīhana Productions, LLC.
    Producers: Zachary Alakaʻi Lum, Josh Tatofi
    Engineer: Michael Grande
    Additional Engineering: Michael Casil, Josh Tatofi
    Mixing: Michael Grande
    Mastering: David Castell Mastering
    Graphic Design: Wailani Artates, Artistry8
    Photography: Brad Bransford Photography
    Guitar: Travis Kaka, Zachary Alakaʻi Lum, Josh Tatofi
    Additional Guitar: Wailau Ryder, Josh Kahula
    Bass: Zachary Alakaʻi Lum, Josh Tatofi
    Piano: Zachary Alakaʻi Lum
    Percussion: Jonathan-Porlas, Jr. 
    Trumpet: Eldred Ahlo
    Steel Guitar: Jeff Au Hoy
    Background Vocals: Josh Tatofi
    Additional Background Vocals: Michael Casil
    Drums: Michael Casil
    Web Design: Kekoa Uyechi, Hoamana Designs, LLC.

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